eventos - Colillas Branding

Colillas Branding has an exclusively dedicated department on organising professional events, from seminars to congresses, including conventions, technical seminars and whichever event that require an expert hand to turn it into a success. Moreover, our experience and quality has allowed us to work within Spain and we have proved experts on the organisation of events around Europe.

At events, we only need your determination to organise an event, and we take charge of all the rest. Our responsibility embraces the development of the concept, altogether with the client; the establishment of work methodologies; the definition of the financial budget; the selection of venues, and the hiring of all means and resources the event may need; the design of the corporative image of the event, as well as all the graphic and digital elements it may require; control during the event and the writing of conclusions once the event has finished. Summing up, what we offer is a “ready-to-enjoy” service where our clients only have to enjoy the event as the perfect host without having to worry of its organisation.