Posted on Oct 17, 2011 in noticias

Welcome to the new website of d de diseño. We are glad to announce the new look we have created that will reinforce our wish to continue being eager to work for our clients. We have decided to show this enthusiasm changing our look. We hope you will enjoy all sections and we invite you to have a look around in order to discover all surprises it have in it.

If you visit the services section, there you will find information about all services we offer. If you pay attention, you will see we are fair when we say that we accompany you in your way to the success. Moreover, we have a Youtube channel where you can find a small demonstration of our creations in 3D animations.

The blog is a project in which we have been working for a long time but now we are willing to give it a new boost. We want to turn it into a more dynamic platform that will allow you to give us your point of view in all those topics that are related with the graphic design and new technologies. With the same objective, we invite you to join our online community in Facebook introducing “d de diseño” in the search bar.

We hope you will receive this new project with the same thrill as we have concieved it.


d de diseño

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